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We are all Filipino start-up company for cashless, cardless, & predictive mobile app Fare Collection System (FCS).

We provide Data Aggregation via Application Programming Interface (APIs) to government transport agencies or Local Government Unit agencies or Local Government Unit (LGU) for traffic monitoring & management.

We build and connect to Smart City enabled Business to Business (B2B) Consolidation & Internet of Things Platform.

  • Modern
  • Safe
  • Organized
  • Predictive
  • Punctual


To modernize, organize and consolidate public utility vehicle fare collection by providing safe, predictive and punctual riding experience via unified and aggregated platform one route at a time.


To create relevant software and mobile apps for our public commuters, drivers and transport groups that they can depend for everyday ride in order for them to become productive base on their planned schedules, itirenaries and routes.


Build for durability: We want to create something worth creating, that will endure the test of time. We're grounded by humility, fear of God and driven by demand.

Act with integrity: We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior.

Make a difference every day: We're hungry, we're passionate, and we love tough problems and new challenges. We constantly push ourselves to be our best and we focus on solutions. When faced with a hurdle, we kneel and pray.

SEC and PitchMark Certifications

Management Team

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Meet our passionate, sensible, and revolutionary team.

25 years of solid experience in the field of IT/System Management, Application Development, and Project Management. Hardworking, Critical Thinker, Loves Challenge and Change. Also fly Light Sport Aircraft Planes while coding, architecting and managing new killer apps check my site at https://www.facebook.com/coronultralight

Enrique Tan Codeeric President Dyippay Founder & CEO

Einstein Cabalteja has been involved in the Lord’s ministry since the late 80’s to the present time. He pastored a church in the Philippines in 1990 and continued on with the Lord’s ministry in the US in 2006 to this day.

He established and organized JoFlo Outreach International Foundation in 2017. The foundation committed to support the Lord’s ministry local and abroad through.

Also, he has been in the network marketing business, salesmanship training and mentorships since the late ‘90s through mid 2000s. He was invited numerous times to speak up to thousands of audiences local and abroad. He has trained and mentored hundreds of successful leaders in network marketing industry.

He encourages everyone through his website, joflo.org and through its Facebook Page (JoFlo Outreach Internation Foundation), to help and support the Lord’s work as it is his ultimate desire, to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 15).

Einstein Cabalteja JOI Foundation Founder/President Dyippay Director

Goyee aims to provide sustainable livelihood to marginalized communities through an online platform where members of families can earn income by simply promoting essential products through their social media accounts.

For some marginalized households, any additional income may mean survival. In a rural setting where opportunities are scarce, where there are no social nets to take care of normal things that happen in life like sudden illness and other unexpected expenses, online income opportunities presents an alternative that does not require that traditional expenses associated with regular jobs.

Additional income from online activities may mean the ability to send students to school, additional food on the table, money to pay for medicine and so much more.

Ronnie Aquino Goyee Founder/CEO Dyippay Director

Founder & CEO of FutureGen Singapore:

Founder, NUS Gold Medal Awardee, UP Cesar Virata School of Business Distinguished Alumni, CISO, Call Center Ops, Network Ops, QGIS, Certified Big Data Analysis Rapidminer, Tableau. R and Neo4J

Future Gen combines business experience with Data and tech expertise to help our Clients align their resources to meet key business goals.

We have track record in helping companies with weaponising their siloed Data, lowering customer acquisition costs and improving ROI on their CapEX.

Future Gen’s key knowledge areas revolve around Data and converting it into a competitive advantage. We have helped our Clients with their Data collection, cleansing, normalisation, analytics and visualization needs. This in turn, helps our clients stay on top of changing market needs.

In addition, we also support ancillary services such as : Web Application Hosting(SAS), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), contact center and Data Center Management work. Our team also handles corporate audio transcriptions and other business process outsourcing .

Future Gen’s certifications include both IT technical expertise and eCommerce. Our president is an MVP hall of famer for Microsoft MVP Program. Certifications include but is not limited to :

Google Adword Certified Individual, MCSE+I, MCDBA, CCNA, CCDA, Cisco Wireless Lan specialist, EC-Council CEH, Comptia A+, Security+ and eCommerce certified (WebCEO, ECouncil CEA). RapidMiner, Tableau, Neo4J PMP and ITIL certification.

Wilson Chua FutureGen (Founder/CEO) Dyippay Advisor

News & Press Releases


MB Life: Cashless payment sa jeep? This is now possible with this app

One of the major takeaways the world has gotten from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of leveraging tech. Recognizing this, the government has been doing their part in using tech and automation to create simpler, safer, and more efficient processes. One example of this is the Department of Transport (DOTr)’s efforts to introduce an Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), which provides a contactless payment option for public vehicle commuters.

mblife.com | March 15, 2022


PhilStar: Automated Fare Collection System app launched

DyipPay, a cashless and cardless predictive mobile app that also uses AFCS, caters to various public utility transport groups and to Filipino commuters. The goal of the brand is to further optimize the country’s PUV fare collection system and to help every commuter have a safe and convenient trip.

Philstar.com | March 12, 2022


TheIndependentInvestor: Fare collection fintech DyipPay to onboard 25,000 jeepney drivers, 1-M riders in Q1

Founded in 2021 as a response to both health concerns around the pandemic and the nationwide public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program, DyipPay is an app-based automated fare collection system designed specifically for public utility transport groups and the daily commuters that rely on them.